400-600A Ditgital Clamp Meters UT203

UT203 is a stable, safe and reliable 1999 Digital Clamp Meter. Full range overload protection and unique appearance design, which becomes more superior performance of electrical instruments. It is suitable for smelt, manufacturing, petroleum, electric power, chemical industry etc. It’s an ideal tool for the maintenance and repair of the circuit, power equipment.

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Function Range Resolution Accuracy  ±(a%+b) Input protection Description
DC Voltage DCV 400mV 0.1mV ±(0.8%+3) 600V DC/AC Input impedence≥10MΩ
4V 1mV ±(0.8%+1)
40V 10mV
400V 100mV
600V 1V ± (1%+3)
ACVoltage ACV 4V 1mV ± (1%+5) 600V DC/AC Input impedence≥10MΩ
40V 10mV Frequency response:40∽400Hz
400V 100mV Display:Sine wave effective value (average value response)
600V 1V ±(1.2%+5)
DC Current DCA 40A 10mA ± (2%+5) 400A DC/AC
400A 100mA ± (2%+3)
AC Current ACA 40A 10mA ± (2.5%+8) 50∽60Hz 400A DC/AC Frequency    response:50∽60Hz
400A 100mA ± (2.5%+5) 50∽60Hz Display:Sine wave effective value
Resistance (Ω) 400Ω 0.1Ω ±(1.2%+2) 600Vp Open circuit voltage about 0.45V
4kΩ ± (1%+2)
40kΩ 10Ω
400kΩ 100Ω
4MΩ 1kΩ ±(1.2%+2)
40MΩ 10kΩ ±(1.5%+2)
Frequency (Hz) 10Hz∽1MHz ±(0.1%+3) 600Vp Input sensitivity
10MHz Reading    is for reference only ≥100kHz:≥600mVrms
DUTY 0.1%∽99.9% 0.10% Reading is for reference only
Diode 1mV 0.5V∽0.8V 600Vp Open circuit voltage about0.45V 1.48V
Buzzer on/off 0.1Ω About ≤10Ω Buzzer sound 600Vp  Buzzer sound(Open circuit    voltage about 0.45V)
>10Ω Buzzer either sound  or not
Auto power    off About 15minutes Power off
Low Battery Indication 4.8V±0.6 Display Symbol